Sunday, December 23, 2012


My mother and her parents and grandparents passed a legacy to me and my siblings.  One very important aspect was education.  And education meant school.  And school meant learning how to read, write, spell among other things.

A big part of our education took place in the home.  We learned how to clean and cook game, in particular, venison.  Had to learn how to cook rice, both varieties-wild and white.  Macaroni and potatoes.  We'd pick blueberries in the summer, raspberries, hazelnuts, chokecherries.  And strawberries.  Could never figure out Juneberries though.

There were times, I'd watch Auntie Nancy braid rugs.  She'd show me how to carve the toothbrush to use for a needle.  I never did do any braiding myself.  The rugs she made were humongous ones.  They covered the whole floor of one room.  And using a loom.

I'd watch another aunt cook.  I learned to make fry bread watching her.  Another aunt and my mother did beadwork.  I learned how to tell if there was sweetgrass around.  I learned how to tell which trees were used for what purpose.

I learned to listen for the different animals while out in the woods.  We learned how to make different bird calls.  I learned how to fish, though it's never been my favorite sport.  Nor hunting.  I couldn't bring myself to do so, even though we took gun safety classes.  I learned how to shoot a bow.

I learned how to make a snare, not good at it though.  I learned how to shoot marbles, use a slingshot.  Not good at tracking. though I can find my way around.  Learned how to tell where north is on a cloudy day.

Just this little bit of my education list has brought people to mind that might have information about my family, and extended family.  Do you have such a list?  Of course, you have.  Free form your thoughts and you may find ways and means to grow your family tree branches.


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